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I'm from Mississauga, Ontario. I started my undergraduate program in September 2016 for Computer Science at the University of Toronto, St. George campus. I plan on participating in the Professional Experience Year (PEY) Program, so I'm probably going to be in the class of 2021.

I enjoy gaming in my free time. I've recently been playing:

My Courses

Winter 2018
  • +CSC258H - Computer Organization
    • >Course Description: Computer structures, machine languages, instruction execution, addressing techniques, and digital representation of data. Computer system organization, memory storage devices, and microprogramming. Block diagram circuit realizations of memory, control and arithmetic functions. There are a number of laboratory periods in which students conduct experiments with digital logic circuits.
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  • +CSC263H - Data Structures and Analysis
    • >Course Description: Algorithm analysis: worst-case, average-case, and amortized complexity. Expected worst-case complexity, randomized quicksort and selection. Standard abstract data types, such as graphs, dictionaries, priority queues, and disjoint sets. A variety of data structures for implementing these abstract data types, such as balanced search trees, hashing, heaps, and disjoint forests. Design and comparison of data structures. Introduction to lower bounds.
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  • >MAT235Y - Calculus II
  • >STA247H - Probability with Computer Applications

Fall 2017
  • +CSC209H - Software Tools and Systems Programming
    • >Course Description: Software techniques in a Unix-style environment, using scripting languages and a machine-oriented programming language (typically C). What goes on in the operating system when programs are executed. Core topics: creating and using software tools, pipes and filters, file processing, shell programming, processes, system calls, signals, basic network programming.
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  • +CSC236H - Introduction to the Theory of Computation
    • >Course Description: The application of logic and proof techniques to Computer Science. Mathematical induction; correctness proofs for iterative and recursive algorithms; recurrence equations and their solutions; introduction to automata and formal languages.
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  • +CSC343H - Introduction to Databases
    • >Course Description: Introduction to database management systems. The relational data model. Relational algebra. Querying and updating databases: the query language SQL. Application programming with SQL. Integrity constraints, normal forms, and database design. Elements of database system technology: query processing, transaction management.
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  • >HPS100H - Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science
  • >MAT235Y - Calculus II
  • >STA257H - Probability and Statistics I

Winter 2017
Fall 2016

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